Passing on the baton…

I have nor the time nor the motivation to work on this project.

I am looking for someone motivated to take over these domains. That is, “joinxmpp” and “joinjabber” both with “net”, “com” and “org” TLDs. I will be paying for them until this someone steps up.

We were originally planning to build something akin to Join Mastodon or Nextcloud's signup page for XMPP, and to federate operators around a common project, working on and improving the ecosystem.

Together with other motivated people we managed to gather operators and draft a list of goals, the kind of things we would have to make decisions about. On the technical side it was supposed to look like Conversations' Compliance tool, except that it may not have been centered around a single client, and it would have provided general sysadmin good practices (documentation, and support from other peers on a forum for example), also encouraging operators to contribute back to the software they are using.

I still think there is something to be done about this, and the idea might resurface in another project of mine resolving around XMPP, or I might contribute to such a project if it shows up.

The other side of the project was aiming end-users. Non-technical users. The goal was to provide a platform to onboard them onto XMPP, and find a way to have them setup a client. We weren't going to hide the fact that there are servers, we were going to guide them through account creation. We think federation is an important piece of information to provide.

Throughout 2019 and 2020 I somehow changed opinions on whether “XMPP” should be presented to users and how to use XMPP at all. I don't think it makes sense anymore to onboard people “onto XMPP”, and I'd rather onboard them onto something that has some kind of unified design.

Thinking about it, this is also not what Join Mastodon is. It's probably not called Join ActivityPub for a reason.

If you think differently and/or you have ideas on how to put these domains to good use, feel free to reach me at pep at via email or XMPP (no need for subscription) or join the chatroom. I reserve the right to refuse requests, e.g., don't contact me if you plan to do domain squatting or directly profit off the domains.